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We are the highly dependable service providers of superior quality Building ConstructionServices. Our services are rendered by our adroit professionals with enormous experience and knowledge in their specific domain.

These professionals ensure proper comprehension of client’s requirements in order to optimally satisfy them. Our services are applicable for constructing a building in different sites and areas for the commercial and residential purpose.We undertake building construction contracts by following mutual agreed policies. During the execution, we leave no stone unturned in terms of quality as well as look of the building to achieve cent percent satisfaction.

The villas also have the added benefit of an exclusive garden and private terrace for each villa.

The project incorporates several thoughtful design elements including sufficient car park space at the entrance and a sizable garden at the rear of all villas. A villa to match every thought and desire is made available.


Awesome living in the exotic. However there is no compromise on the space you need. the quality is impeccable and the basic solid. Parking space lawns, storage spaces and obsessive to ideal set this living space apart from others in its league.

All the items / jobs are to be executed as per the drawing details furnished. Any correction may be corrected to be furnished to be done during execution the same modified by mutual consents.
Excavation depth for each footing shall be minimum of 6’0” from the existing ground level.
Sand filling shall be 6” thick over the excavated surface and PCC 1:4:8 shall be 6” thick over the sand filling.
Finished floor level of the GF house area shall be 2’0” above the existing road level.
Quality cement will be used for construction subject to availability in the market. L & T, Ramco and Coramandal, OPC for RCC, PCC for other works.
All Brick work will be in CM 1:5 with good quality chamber burnt bricks.
4½” thick brick partitions will have 6 mm MS rod reinforced at every 5th layers.
All R.C.C works will be of C.C mix 1:2:4 using 20 mm HBG metal (as per structural consultant & consent with land owners.)
All Reinforced concrete work such as footings, columns, plinth beams, roof slab & beams and staircase will be carried out as per the design of the client. (40 mm vibrator needle will be use for all R.C.C work. No Roding shall be allowed)
For plain cement concrete works, 40 mm hand broken jelly will be used and 20 mm jelly will be used for RCC work.

Centering for roof slab will be carried out by conventional method i.e with M.S.centering sheet supported by runners, planks and casuarina props. Columns will be casted with M.S.Column boxes. (Cover blocks to be used.).
For plinth beam, bottom will be leveled and sand will be spread and centering will be done only for sides.
For basement filling, Savudu sand of good quality will be used on top 4” thick river sand will be spread, before laying PCC 1:4:8 with proper consolidation.
For flooring, sample will be shown for selection of design and colour of tiles. After selection, a sample will be kept at site. Same will be taken as reference for execution.
Following work rates will be different from below mentioned construction rates such as Elevation detail work, underground sump, overhead tank, septic tank and compound wall with gate.
Balcony, Portico, OTS and outside staircase area has to be included in main building area.
Window grill and Elevation grill up to Parapet height our scope, any grill work above Parapet wall height client scope.


Size- 3’3”x7’0”
Teak wood frames (Rs.2700/ft) of size 5”x 3” with design on corners.
Teak wood shutter 40mm thick as per drawing polished on both sides.
5” brass hinges- 3 nos
9” brass tower bolts- 2 nos
Godrej night latch lock (7 levels)
5” brass handle on front
Magic eye and magnet bush

OTHER DOORS: (Rs.180/Sq.ft)-Flush Door
Size- 3’0”x7’0”
Quality Teak (Rs.2000/cft) frame of size 4”x 2.5” with corner design.
Both side flush doors of 30mm thick with lipping 1.5”x 0.5” all around.
5” SS hinges- 3 nos
9” SS tower bolts- 2 nos
2 lever mortise lock
Door bush and door stopper

BATH & TOILET doors: (Rs.180/ Sq.ft) – Flush Doors
Size- 2’6”x7’0”
Quality Teak wood frame of size 4”x 2.5” without any design. Both side commercial flush door (water proof grade) of 30mm thick with 1.5”x 0.5” lipping all around.
4” SS hinge- 3 nos
6” SS tower bolt- 2 nos
4” SS handles- 2 nos

WINDOWS :- (Rs.2000/ cft)
Teak wood frame of size 4”x2.5” without any design
4”x 11/4” size style, full shutters with 4mm pin headed glass
25mm x 6mm thick MS flat grills / Square of design, not exceeding 1.5 kgs
Per Sq.ft of grills size screwed on to the frame.
3” oxidized hinges- 3 nos per shutter
3” SS T bolt – 2 nos per shutter
5” stay hook- 1 no per shutter

4”x 2” Teak frame with fixed louver grooves. 10mm thick M.S.bars fixed at 4” c/c glass louvers of 4mm thick pin headed.


Kitchen Platform : wall tiles up to 2’ only (Rs.35/ Sq ft).
Granite slab include with Granite sink of 24”x 10” with dry board (Rs.10000) (Salem steel 304 Grade) size printed with single colour / reputed make, good quality for toilet walls up to 7’0” height, (rate 35 / Sq ft).


Tiles flooring for entire house 2’0”x 2’0” vitrified nano tiles Kajaria make (Rate 50.00/ Sq ft) 12”x 12” plain colour for toilet flooring, (Rate 40.00 / Sq ft). Tiles will be provided over the stair case steps. Car park area floor shall have mutually agreed / accepted design with non skid floor tile.


All reinforcement steel require for construction will be of ISI brand based on availability. ISI Steel binding wire of 18 gauge (Fe500 grade) will be used for all binding purposes. (ARS, Kamakshi, Tulsyan).


All internal and external surface with one coat of white cement as primer, all internal surface with two coat of premium emulsion over the two coats of Birla Putty, External walls with two coats of external wall paint with premium emulsion.
For wood work – 2 coats of Asian enamel paint over 1 coat primer and putty.
For Grill work – 2 coats of Asian paints.
For Main Door, Varnishing with machine finish will be done on the surface prepared with wood sealer and wood filler.
All other door will be painted with enamel paint.
All bed room, Kitchen door will be finished with self design sheet with mica of Rs.1000/sheet.


Three phase wiring with circuit breakers without phase changer. “Standard” make main switch
Upto 15 Amps capacity.
7/20 wires for mains, 3/20 wires for power line, 1/18 wires for points.
“Anchor make “ROMA” design switches and polycab cables will be used.
Earthing shall be done with copper wires. Earth pit shall be of standard size. Provision for
Consealed TV wiring & Telephone wiring will be provided. All rooms will be provided with 1
Fan point, 2 light points and 1 consealed night lamp point. Bedside two way switches for light
fan point in Bed Rooms, inverter wiring provision. Panel board should be made and given.


2” thick hollow S.S Handrail (SS 304).


Parapet wall will be of 4.5” thick with 9” pillars up to 3’0” height. White weather proofing tiles.


All pipelines will be of PVC grey colour up to M.H.Chamber. The drainage lines connecting Chamber to main chamber will also be PVC vertical -4” and Horizontal – 5”.



“Parry ware” make IWC (Half white colour), one tap provision near IWC.
Hot and Cold water taps and OH shower with wall mixer 2 in 1. Cold water line will be of ¾” CPVS pipes with CPVC fittings.
Hot water line will be of ¾” CPVC pipe with provision for connecting geyser.
All C.P fitting like taps, shower etc, are from “Jaquar” Make Boltentrap SS, angle cock SS.

  “Parry ware” make EWC (Half white colour) with slim line flush tank and tap provision.
 Hot and Cold water taps and OH shower with wall mixer 2 in 1,
 Cold water line will be of  ¾” CPVC pipes with CPVC fitting.
 All C.P fitting like taps, shower etc, are from “Jaquar” make
  All Outer pipelines will be of PVC grey colour.


Choose from a floor plan that better suits you or pick a towering facade for that impressive stability. Choose the best option to suit your lifestyle.